Menu Information

Students who want to purchase meals by the week or month are encouraged to do so on Monday or Tuesday mornings prior to reporting to class. 

Breakfast and lunch include a half pint of milk, and students may purchase extra milk. Students that forget to bring lunch money may borrow from funds supplied by the PTO for this purpose. Students should bring money the following day to repay this fund. Contact the lunchroom staff with questions pertaining to a student's meal account, 962-1059. You can also sign up to view your student's lunch account balance and meal history through signing up at . To view instructions, click here . If you have any other questions, please refer to the Wakulla County Schools Food home page.  

Type Breakfast Lunch
Full Pay - Student $1.35 $2.10
Reduced - Student $.30 $.40
Additional Milk $.35 $.35
Adult $1.75 $3.25
The elementary student’s school day begins at 8:55 AM and ends at 3:25 PM. Supervision is available in the multipurpose room beginning at 8:20 AM. Students arriving at school prior to 8:55 AM should report to the multipurpose room. Students arriving after 9:15 AM should report to the registrar for a tardy slip before reporting to class.

Students being brought to school by personal transportation may be dropped off at the school entrance no earlier than 8:20AM. Students should then report directly to the multipurpose room. In the afternoon, students can be picked up at the front entrance as well as the 319 entrance at 3:25 PM. The Wakulla County Senior Citizens sponsor a before and after school day care program housed at Medart Elementary School for children arriving before 8:20 AM and staying after 3:25 PM. Students participating in this day care program should report to the multipurpose room upon arrival at school.

The elementary teacher’s school day begins at 8:10 AM and ends at 3:40 PM.